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Hello world and all that inhabit it! I'm Dani. And most Deviants have "aspiring [blank]" in their bios, but I have no idea what I'd put in that blank, so... Hi, I'm Dani. I've got curly hair and headphones in my ears 99.9% of the time.
I'm not a professional artist or author by any means, but I've been drawing and writing since pre-school. Everything submitted to my page is 100% my own work unless otherwise noted.
I'm not interested in any drama or negativity here. I encourage debate, but I will not tolerate anything deliberately hateful to others on or near my page.
As of now, I don't do commissions, take requests, or collaborate on drawings/literature.
Everything is uploaded for fun and I ask you don't take it too seriously.
Also, have the Wiccan Rede, because I adore it.
"An' it harm none, do what ye will." :bow:

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Tagged by: :iconmythicalart13:

I tag: :iconhannahsealy: , :iconsun-seed: , and :iconeunoiia:

1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.

I choose Beverly and Asher.

-How old are you?
Asher: The ripe ol' age of ninety--

Beverly: We're not even five seconds in and you're already trying to convince the reader there's a 72-year age gap between us.

Asher: *laughs* Nah, I'm kidding. I'm 19.

Beverly: This one. I'm 18.

-Do you want a hug?
Beverly: *clinging to Asher's leg* No.

Asher: Aw, come on, please?

Beverly: In your dreams.

-Have any bad habits?
Asher: Any time we're texting, I sit there and stare at the "person is typing" dots.

Beverly: Aww.

Asher: "Aww?" I thought it was creepy.

Beverly: Maybe a little bit.

Asher: What's yours?

Beverly: Hm... Chewing on my hair?

Asher: Euh.

-Are you a virgin?
Asher: :meow:

Beverly: :meow:

-Have any kids?
Asher: Hell no.

Beverly: Aw, you don't want a kid?

Asher: Well, if our child was partly you, fine. But generally speaking, I don't have the patience.

-Favorite food or drink?
Asher: Funyuns.

Beverly: Funyuns are actually the worst snack you could have picked.

Asher: You like Combos!

Beverly: Combos are the future.

-Killed anyone?
Asher: I killed an ant last week.

Beverly: For shame.

- Hate anyone?
Asher: You.

Beverly: I hate you, too.

Asher: No you don't.

Beverly: No, I don't.

-Any secrets?
Asher: I'm Bev's secret!

Beverly: Shh...

Asher: Your parents aren't here.

Beverly: I don't care. They can sense things.

-Love anyone?
Asher: *hugging Beverly* I already told you, I hate her.

Beverly: Yeah, there's no love here.

-What is your job?
Asher: We're both cheapskate college students with minimum wage jobs.

Beverly: Yeah, trust me, pizza delivery girl and librarian's assistant are not that exciting.

-Favorite season?
Asher: Summer.

Beverly: Winter.

Asher: This is why we can't have nice things.

-Who's your best friend?
Asher: Meg.

Beverly: Wooooooow.

Asher: I like stepping on children.

Beverly: You know, she's fronting like she's some hardass, but she's a sweetheart with kids.

Asher: Shhh...

-What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Asher: Go into work late.

Beverly: Burn her Funyuns.

-What is your eye color?
Asher: My eyes are weird. They're green in certain light, but look blue most of the time.

Beverly: Light brown.

-Are you good? Or bad?
Asher: Oh, I am just scandalous. Right, Bev?

Beverly: If by scandalous, you mean sleeping through your 15 alarms every morning, then sure.

-If you could do anything right now, what would it be?
Asher: Hm. Hmhm--

Beverly: Your mind is spoiled.

Asher: Hey, you thought it. I said nothing.

-What is your biggest fear?
Beverly: Hair stylists.

Asher: No lie, the last stylist she went to brushed her hair dry.

Beverly: I had the biggest headache afterward.

-Does your name have a special meaning?
Asher: Well, it's short for "Ashley." But I hate "Ashley."

Beverly: "Beverly" was my Grandma's name.

-Any siblings?
Asher: I have an older sister.

Beverly: I have none.

-Where do you live?
Asher: We both live on the campus, so we raise all kinds of hell.

Beverly: Oh yeah, so many crazy parties.

-Do you find yourself attractive?
Asher: Meh.

Beverly: Oh stop.

Asher: What about you?!

Beverly: I'm the "meh" one.

Asher: You're delusional.

Beverly: Then we're both delusional.

Asher: I won't accept it.

-What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
Beverly: Convincing my dad my phone was hacked after accidentally sending him something meant for Ash.

Asher: I think the people would like to know what said text was--

Beverly: That wasn't the question.

-What is your Dream Job?
Beverly: Becoming the first journalist that isn't a biased asshole?

Asher: I'm gonna deliver pizza until the end of time.

Beverly: I will get Funyuns to discontinue business if you do that.

Asher: You wouldn't dare.

-What do you consider your greatest talent or strength?
Beverly: I can dance.

Asher: I can do a pretty credible sloth impression.

-Do you believe in god(s)?
Beverly: I'm skeptical of everything, so I can't decide.

Asher: My family's mostly Catholic, but my mom and I don't get it. I personally believe in God, I just don't know which version.

-Do you prefer one partner, or polyamory? Or none at all?
Asher: You hear that, Bev? We're gonna form a circle with Meg, Yavin, Amaya, and--

Beverly: I didn't sign up for that.

Asher: You didn't sign up for anything!

-Got a favorite musical?
Asher: Sweeney Todd.

Beverly: Phantom of the Opera, even though it's twisted.


Beverly: Alright. The interview's over.

Asher: So it is.

Beverly: G'bye reader! I have Funyuns to burn.

Asher: And I have Combos to feed to roaches.


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